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Jumping 100cm (177)

Jumping 110cm (197)

Jumping 45cm (937)

Jumping 65cm (1371)

Jumping 70cm (494)

Jumping_80cm (455)

Top Score (283)


Poster (AO) 33"x46"

Large poster print (33"x46") (84.1cmx1.19m)




Chosen image printed on a mug. If you require text, please leave a message when ordering.


Mug Collage

Collage of pics printed on a mug - this product can be added to a single image however a collage of the entire purchased images will be printed with additional wording provided as part of the purchase comment.



3 (6X8) Prints

3 prints (6"x8")


3 Prints, 2 of (8*10), 1 of (8*12)

2 (8*10) 1 (8*12)